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Pipmen World Playing Cards – Incredible World First Puzzle Themed Cards, Standard Poker Card Size & Indices, Stand Out with the Coolest Deck of Cards Ever Made, Quality Second to None! …

Product Features:

    "They get compliments when brought to the table - much more unique than a normal deck of Bicycle cards!""I love the unique artwork of the cards. Nothing compares to these!"★★★★★ Praise for Pipmen Playing CardsWHY SHOULD YOU ORDER A DELUX BOX OF CLEVER PIPMEN CARDS? Stand out from the…
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Product Description

“They get compliments when brought to the table – much more unique than a normal deck of Bicycle cards!”

“I love the unique artwork of the cards. Nothing compares to these!”

★★★★★ Praise for Pipmen Playing Cards


  • Stand out from the crowd with this world-first puzzle deck
  • Give as a great, astonishing & delightful gift to children & adults
  • Brighten up family time with interesting & engaging novelty designs
  • Perfect for magic, entertaining, presents, travel and gambling
  • Gorgeous wraparound box art looks incredible
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


This deck is unique because while every single card is a fun little self-contained scene, they all fit together into one big picture – the Pipmen world!

You may have heard of a diptych; a picture in 2 parts, or a triptych; a picture in 3 parts. Pipmen world is not these – it is a 54-piece Polyptych puzzle.

There have been decks which had a puzzle feature but Pipmen World stands alone. This deck is UNIQUE because:

  • Every individual card is a self contained picture
  • The suit symbols are worked into the design; not an abstract background pattern
  • All the pictures fit together to form a single stunning work of art


Our philosophy is that life is too short for boring playing cards. That’s what drives us to be so innovative with all our special designs. We’re on a mission to make every luxury deck functional & interesting; coveted by collectors & loved by everyone.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you have ANY problems, please contact us for a replacement or refund! Click “ADD TO CART” to add an incredible deck of premium Pipmen Playing Cards to your collection today and show it off tomorrow!

Product Features

  • ♥ CREATE ENGAGING FAMILY TIME with these exciting themed playing cards! Everyone will have fun putting together the big puzzle from these cards. Perfect for the whole family; enjoy quality time together with a fun game. Make new friends over familiar games as you bring out the best deck in the house as the perfect conversation starter.
  • ♦ GET COMPLIMENTS EVERY TIME these are brought to the table. The one-of-a-kind Pipmen designs are the perfect gift, sure to astonish even the most seasoned card player. Veteran card handlers and cardistry lovers will instantly appreciate the feel of these cards. Our stickman figure designs are a must-have for any enthusiast, collector or card player. For those magicians & sleight-of-hand experts you know, they’ll appreciate the smooth finish that lets them execute their tricks flawlessly.
  • ♠ WHILE OTHER PLAYING CARDS are all the same, boring, or poor quality, Pipmen World Cards have unique designs which fit together into a world-first puzzle guaranteed to amaze. Nothing compares to our incredibly creative cards which are fun, quirky & interesting. Each card is distinct; packed full of character & personality. Most importantly, they still work as a playable deck of cards! Your kids will LOVE them & you will be the HERO OF GAME TIME with the coolest deck of cards in the world.
  • ♣ HIGHEST QUALITY SECOND TO NONE ensures that your premium cards will last through all life’s adventures. We use smooth 300GSM card stock & apply world class casino grade printing techniques. Our decks are designed to overcome humidity & frequent usage. Every card is perfectly aligned & precision cut for superior handling with no sticky seal so they open cleanly. The cards are slightly more flexible to optimize the puzzle experience.
  • ★ THE COOLEST DECK OF CARDS YOU’LL EVER OWN. Pipmen decks are nothing like your standard Bicycle cards, they are absolutely unique & special. They are playing cards reinvented, distinct from boring variations of the original design. When you add a Pipmen deck to your collection you are making a great decision. We know you are a big deal and will only provide you with the finest product and service around, or your money back!